Hi Campers,

it's been a while since we talked! Today we're data mining the new assets downloaded by the game this morning. Although we didn't expect much, it turned out that a handful of new assets were added and distributed via Nintendo's CDN network.

If you're looking for a definitive source of all Textures and Icons, be sure to check out this Github repository: Pocket Camp Assets Github. It's a huge repo, so be patient.

We can confirm that this release brought 242 new icons, assets and textures. There are several exciting additions, including new characters (!), new X-Mas and New Year themed clothing and several smaller texture updates.

Unfortunately, we can't confirm the exact dates these will become available in the game, but we can confirm that they are in.

Let's start digging, shall we?

IMPORTANT: Imgur is known to mangle PNGs in the preview widget, so click on the album name to see them in their full glory.

New Characters

10 new characters are soon joining the Pocket Camp party, mostly as interactable animals. We don't have their in-game names yet, but fans of AC franchise will surely recognise them and share their bio in the comment section below.

New Year Themed assets

As far as we can tell, only one new clothing item will be available for New Year's eve: the New Year Hat (Red) variant. Nothing much, but we look forward to picking it up.

X-Mas Themed assets

Apparently, you will be able to pick up the entire X-Mas themed attire during the holiday season! The following clothing items were found:

  • X-Mas bottoms
  • X-Mas coat
  • X-Mas hat
  • X-Mas boots

In addition, a Christmas Tree decoration should become craftable in the game really soon, in addition with other interior decorations.

A separate album with new craftable interior items:

Even more new items

There is a ton of additional items that were added, some of them were dumped in this imgur album, but some weren't. There's simply too much new stuff!