Although Pocket Camp is not a difficult game in any fashion, there is a lot you can do at the beginning and help yourself throughout the game. This guide is split into several sections, roughly covering everything that is important to understand and no on your day one.

Choosing a theme

When you start the game for the first time, Isabelle will ask you which theme you prefer, giving you a choice between Natural, Sporty, Cool and Cute. The effects of the theme are initially minor, but they do ramp up over time.

Notably, the following is affected by this choice:

Initial effects

  • Initial camp furniture depends on the theme
  • First camp animal will be different

Prolonged effects

  • “Animal pool”, - the order in which you unlock animals after level 10
  • Alters the "secondary" rewards from certain animals

Both of these prolonged effects need yet to be verified. Inital credits for discovery go to h0neyb3ar.

Your campsite

The campsite is the core of Pocket Camp. Be sure to invite animals, decorate it with furniture and amenities. Amenities are super important and you always want to have one in construction, but it's not often possible to do so. Make sure to invite animals for stretch goals and always be crafting.

General tips

  • In general, almost every timer in the game is based around a 3 hours period. If you want to min/max your play time, make sure to login every 3 hours.
  • Don't spend too much time on a single animal's friendship level while progressing your character level
  • Make sure to collect a lot of fish, bugs and shells. Fish and bugs are random spawns, while shells take a long time to respawn. You don't want to run out of shells.
  • Fruits does not despawn if they're on the ground! In other words, if your inventory is full, you can still shake them off the trees and leave them on the floor while you need them.