Elyland has announced four significant combat power buffs today, targeting notable Fire and Earth type creatures. We are happy to announce that the new new max CP parameters are as following:

  • Picaroon - 3500, up from 3300, +6% increase
  • Smoargh - 3800, up from 3500, +8.5% increase
  • Grendel - 3000, up from 2800, +7.15% increase
  • Scylla - 3800, up from 3000, +26.6% increase

Our database has already been updated to reflect these changes.


Evidently, the biggest winner is Syclla with a huge 26.6% increase in Max CP. Earth meta is coming baby! As a consequence of this change, the Max CP chart has changed dramatically, featuring more diversity than ever before.

The top five are still unchanged, featuring Leviathan, Neptune, Morgoroth, Armorank and Manticore.

Scylla has jumped from 13th to 6th place, now sharing it with Smoargh. Despite the slight buff, Picaroon has actually lost a places to accomodate for Scylla. Grendel has rose one place, now sharing the same Max CP as Gryphon.

Before and after

The following infographics shows how the Max CP chart has changed (click image for high resolution version):

Max CP Chart chages