Elyland has shared the following update today to their friends and partners, Critical.gg included. If this goes through, we will be able to play the game on Mars. We know, it sounds crazy, but Elyland is crazy ambitious and passionate about their game.

If you want to vote for this proposal to Elon Musk, vote via this change.org link

Draconius GO: first location-based AR game on Mars

Draconius has covered the whole world with a network of pillars, portals, arenas and rifts. We placed our fantastic creatures in every part of our planet. And we're not gonna stop.

We want to be the first AR game to go beyond the Earth. Put the first arena on another planet, open a rift in the outer space, create an alien bestiary. But, we are just a game development company, so we can't do that on our own. We decided to involve someone who really knows a lot about this - Elon Musk and his SpaceX program.

To that end, we wrote a letter to Elon on Change.org: https://www.change.org/p/elonmuskoffice-spacex-com-draconius-go-first-location-based-ar-game-on-mars and offered SpaceX $ 100,000 for their support in implementing our space idea.

But we all know how busy big companies are, that's why we need your support: half a million signatures, it's probably less than the number of DraGo players, but that's enough to draw SpaceX's attention.

Do not miss your chance to send Disguir into the space! Who knows, maybe in the coming decade, we will dig up Golden Eggs on the red Martian surface.