A few days ago, we started our first community effort. We reached out to /r/DraconiusGO and the Rift Recon Discord with a simple request: can we collaborate and create a rich fantasy setting for Draconius GO?

The answer is yes, yes we can! Stat wise, 400 responses were submited by Mages around the globe, in multiple languages and formats. Quality wise, we were super impressed with the almost all of the entries. From icedcreamforever's top notch writing, over slumbervision's deep fantasy to Alex Duos nature and wildlife inspired descriptions, we enjoyed reading all of them.

You can read all of the lore entries in our Lore Encyclopedia and on each of the creatures profile pages.

As we've previously announced, the top two submitters will be rewarded with 20 USD / EUR on us, no strings attached. With that being said, congratulations to icedcreamforever and slumbervision! Both of you, please, reach out to us via our Discord so we can arange the payment details.

Here's the full list of submission results:

Name Submissions
icedcreamforever 114
slumbervision 38
Alex Duos 31
hendrix1208 30
jlehman 30
domagojbrkic257 27
rgn87 23
Missmommyrowe 16
Jordan.d.longo 14
toreyspindler 10
iluminiele 7
Nathw30 6
richie1977rich 6
drago 4
jensa7 4
candace.sun 3
youmightbe 3
JeffreyS3258 2
Tbzkop 2
amagicman 2
eugeniob92 2
harleyrayquaza 2
michelemarcon77 2
s1ni5t3r 2
Cutemaster 1
LeekSlap 1
Pokeeefeee 1
Spriteguy 1
debbiebarker2007 1
letsplaysardines 1
renzofala 1
ryanthiessen 1
secredit4127 1
siliconvp99 1
windenam18 1
wuju007 1
zookie67 1

What's next?

We're thinking of starting a new community sourced effort, something along the lines of "describe each creature's meta performance". However, we probably won't have a budget for this effort, so we're not sure about monetary rewards.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the website, let us know in the comment section below!