we've recently posted here asking for your help to describe all of the Creatures of Draconius GO. We've asked for backstories, objective descriptions and creature lore, all in an effort to describe the world of Draconius to the unsuspecting reader.

As of now, there are 135 high quality, well thought out and well written "Draconius Pokedex" entries, covering 38 / 125 Draconius species. (there are around 15 more species that are also described, but not in the same depth as these 38).

And we must admit, your work, the work of this online community has blew our collective minds. We've been reading through the entries with nothing but a smile on our face, imagining how cool it will be once everything goes up on the website and once everyone starts reading and understanding the deeper fantasy behind these mythical beasts.

Just take a look at this Dummyween entry:

A second-stage creature of Fire-Alignment. Because of Dummyween's permanently carved face, its true emotions can never be fully understood.

or at this Pillowcat entry:

Meow, Meow.

Scratch my back and I'll scratch you back.

Meow, Meow.

Dare an attack and I'll break your neck.

or at this Bajun (incomplete) entry:

When a Pillowcat trains for a number of hours with an umbrella, it eventually learns to fly. It is believed that Bajun gave rise to the phrase "It's raining cats and dogs."

And all of this happened just in the past 24 hours. #mindblown

So, what's next?

Well, there is still 87 species that need to be described and whose lore is to be created. We've marked all of the "complete" species as complete in the Google Form, in a hope to receive more stories about them.

We ask for your continued zeal and commitment. Power up your creativity, open this Google Form and throw in a description for one of the missing / not complete species. Every line, every word, every character is bringing this project closer to fruition.

Use this Google form to submit descriptions:

At the beginning of this effort, we were thinking about publishing only one description per specie, but seeing how great all of them are, we're thinking of publishing all of the descriptions. Sure, some species will be described in more depth than others, but does it really matter?