Hey New kid,

With the game being finally released worldwide there'll be a great influx of new faces in the game so I wanted to put out a guide to help people (especially F2p) find the right way into the game. I myself reached legendary rank (51+) with 0€ spent on the game and  while it is hard it is definetely possible for everyone to do the same.

What your early focus should be on

  • Climbing the PVP ranks: You will gradually unlock more themes/cards the higher your rank gets. Also, the content of your PVP pack increases after every 5 levels (5,10,15,etc) of your rank. This will really help you alot at getting more cards and materials to improve your cards.

  • Focus on one deck and playstyle: Try to perfect the way you play the game with one deck and upgrade only those cards. Once you have a good grasp of the game and a greater variety of cards you can try out different themes.

  • Commons are the strongest and cheapest cards in the game While higher rarities have higher basestats, commons will always have a higher level due to them requiring less card copies to upgrade which makes them the strongest (and cheapest) cards for now.

  • Don't neglect the PVE campaign.. There are a total of 60 level, each of them can be replayed up to 15 times with increasing difficulty for lots of loot. Especially the huge amounts of gold are incredibly helpful.

  • Teams greatly speed up the process of upgrading cards. You can request 12 commons or 3 rares once every 8 hours, this is a tremendous help to get enough copies to get your cards to a high level. Don't forget to give back to your teammates though, nobody likes leeches

How to spend your resources

  • Cartman Coins: Use them exclusively to level up cards, the upgrade costs will be extremly high once your cards reach higher levels with the exception of buying some copies of common cards from the Shop (first copy only costs 25, second copy 25+25 etc.)

  • PVP Tickets: Use them to buy silver&gold materials, coins and some rare cards (first copy only costs 50 tickets, second copy 25+25 etc.) from Butters PVP shop.

  • Cash: For the most part simply save it and wait for good special offers and events (doube pvp tickets in pvp packs weekend e.g). Occasionally opening 1-2 additional lockers for a decent amount of silver/gold materials you need or a bigger amount of gold in PVE is okay. See here. Always keep at least 100-200 though to make sure you don't miss out on legendaries you may find in PVP lockers.


Right now there isn’t any perfect „x of that, y of that“ recipe for deckbuilding out there as the meta decks usually consist of a combination of the cards oft he 2 strongest themes and one or two cards that counter commonly used cards, but there are some general guidelines that I think should be followed when you build a deck.

  • Do not go over 3.5 average energy, it is just to expensive. Something around 2.9-3.3 is recommended.

  • 1-3 ranged. Its generally always good to be able to place a ranged unit behind your other cards which can deal consistent damage while staying mostly untouched until all your other cards die, especially when you can place it behind your new kid while the enemy is attacking. Also it is very hard to deal with the occasional flying unit if only your new kids zap can damage it. I would not recommend more than 3 ranged however as they have weak stats (low hp and attack) and this can really backfire on you when you are in a troublesome position and your hand is filled with weak ranged cards.

  • 0-1 tank. You don't necessarily need a tank in your deck if you can compensate it with other cards but for starters I would recommend taking one. More than 1 tank however really slows down your game and can often make it hard to deal enough damage to the enemy kid.

  • AoE damage/clear spell (arrowstorm is the best for the start) or cards with abilities to clear the field if your enemy swarms it with many (low health) units.

Other than that you have pretty free choice in what cards you want to use and can play what is the most fun for you. There are obviously good cards and bad cards and the game does have a defined meta, but in the lower ranks it mostly comes down to who is using his cards better rather than who has the better/higher levelled cards.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Log in at least once every 8 hours to claim your free packs. They might not always have the best content but here and there you will find a rare, epic and sometimes even a legendary card for free.

  • Legendaries are a lot weaker than you think. Legendaries may be good in the early phase of the game, but once you get into the higher ranks you will rarely see legendaries being used as it is too hard to upgrade them to be competitive compared to other cards. So don't be too sad about having bad luck getting them, you're not missing out on much.

  • Save up your resources when a new update is announced: While there currently is no regular update circle, Redlynx usually announces updates and the included changes some days, maybe a week prior to the implementation. Some of the cards you use might get nerfed or the meta might switch, so you should not waste any resources on them and save everything until after the update.

  • Don't use to much cash trying to get a great special reward from the lockers There will always be some great loot you will be missing out on because of bad luck and it sucks, we've all been there. No need to unnecessarily spend a good chunk of your hard earned cash on it. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you dont.

  • In the end, this is a p2w game. While you can have lots of fun playing it and getting to the highest ranks while being a completely f2p player, there will always be people that have spent big amounts on the game that you can't beat simply due to card level difference. I've seen countless people complain about that, but that's just how it is.


Comment here or join the discord, we have lots of helpful people who will take the time to anwser them.

Written by Yvraine