Barrel Dougie

Barrel Dougie Phone Destroyer card with decks, stats, best combos, rarity, PvP tier ranking. Barrel Dougie is a Adventure themed character card in South Park: Phone Destroyer and it costs  to cast it.


Rare 4 mana Barrel Dougie card in Phone Destroyer

In-game technical description

Headhunter: {PowerAttackBoost} extra damage to Enemy Leader on first hit

Barrel Dougie card stats

Credits for these stats:, a specialised SPPD website.

Mana Cost 4 mana
Rarity Rare
Health 66 HP
Max Speed 1.2 (units)
Charge Time 0.08 (6.2s)
Attack 72 DMG
Attack Speed 0.5
Attack Range 0.55 (units)
Attack Delay 0 s
Time Beetween Attacks 0.5 s

Card information

Description "Best" of the Dougie Line, as you will at best get 1 hit with any Dougie. Easily countered, and even if he manages to get 1 hit in, it is super easy to counter attack after spending 4++ energy. (Higher NK damage now) High-risk, high-reward
Written by maakemannen
Tier ★ Low Tier
Based on what legendary players are using the most in the current meta. This list was provided by Sypha to /u/Bounceeet who provided it to Critical.
Summary Headhunter
Written by maakemannen
Strength OK
Theme Adventure
Identifier DOUGIEADV
Type of card Character

Decks containing Barrel Dougie


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