Note: I use PC Principal instead of Randy because it greatly helps to advance towards enemy hero (you can replace it with any tank you would like). This description contains pretty much everything you need to know about this deck.

  1. Step One. Early Game. There are two main starting situations you shall be aware of and prepared for: 1) Enemy tries to rush you with rather heavy units using Storyteller or Air Cover. In this case I usually deploy Nathan, mirror Storyteller and use Cartman, Dogpoo, Nelly (and Sally if enemies are attacking Jimmy). Further, if a unit you are afraid of has survived, put out a card that is able to deal with him quickly - Kenny, Dogpoo, Sally or either of Clydes. When your side is clear, advance to step two. 2) Enemy tries to rush you down with heavy-attack minions or overload of cheap ones. Cartman or other tank as main cover, Kenny, Dogpoo, Nelly or Sally as help. Storyteller should work as well. Destroy remaining dangerous enemy units and advance to step two.
  2. Step Two. Midgame. As soon as the board is clear, save up some energy and put out your tank with cover - Dogpoo, Nelly and right away Jimmy so that your tank can live as long as possible. When an enemy puts out something your two cards can’t deal with either may suffer from greatly - put out Kenny, Hercules, or Sally to quickly get rid of them. If you have an area-clearing combo like Dogpoo, Nelly and tank at once and enemy has spent a lot of energy, you can use Barrel, but keep in mind you shall do it only if your units can’t break through enemy defence. Countering enemy raids shall work in a similar way as in the beginning, but right after you have successfully defended you might try to punish your enemy by helping your remaining units.
  3. Step 3. Late Game. Again two possibilities, which differ greatly. 1) You and your enemy have equal health bars left or you have one less. Put out a serious defence wall at the very border of enemy side, just like you did in the midgame. If an enemy hero spend a lot of energy to counter those, put out Kenny or Barrel to quickly remove enemy hero’s health. Use common sense - there is no use placing those aggressive cards if Program Stan is about to freeze you. If enemy doesn’t really do everything to block you and you advance, do not rush. Wait. Save up Kelly or Sally to counter aggressive rushes like Doughie, Kenny, etc. If you counter Cyborg McCormick, put out weak defence so as not to get into trouble. 2) You have 3, enemy has two or less. If your bar is full, play steadily - tanks with Dogpoo, Jimmy, Sally. Once you control the board, send a small help and keep assassins in case something described above happens. If your health is close to the border, you shall be more pushy - control the board and try to send out Doughie to either remove health from enemy hero or make them spend energy. As for me, I’ve made this deck at twelfth rank after grinding cards, and went up to 19th and 1 start with only one loss and no draws (I do not really play PvP often, so yeah, maybe just luck). Hope it helps, feel free to suggest improvements and leave feedback!