Instead of description of the deck the purpose of the card in the deck as there is room for swaps and versatility, for example, i would like to put in purify. The point of the deck concept is i feel these two classes best encompass and compliment each other for sustainability and effect.

Choirboy Butters swift assassin that has high HP and ATK between the options this one's bonus energy and stats was the win out

Prophet Dougie His first hit landing means that one, your opponent didnt have the time/energy to kill him right off, and he won't now with the effect of the first hit, if timed right, a quick point can be made or the game won out right with the speedie little tide turner.

Cyborg Kenny change the flow of battle, let him get a hit in or two then when he dies, he'll take over whoever killed him, place him well and he can take out your biggest threat or keep your biggest threat from being taken out by its weakness while you distract the weakness with well…just killing kenny.

Dogpoo he's 3 points, you've had him pretty much for every deck and why? he has awesome basic stats! everybody poops! be loyal and keep him flinging it for you!

Medusa Bebe the entire reason you dont want to give up mystic truthfully, of the legendaries, she's the best i've seen for her range leaves her far enough back to not take direct damage and she has more HP than average troops. Keep a tank in front and she'll take out 1 maybe 2 phones without issue.

Zen Cartman only worth it if you have Medusa Bebe, if you dont have her, run Awesomo and Ice Sniper Wendy. I can't say much about Zen Cartman, he doenst attack, sometimes he works well when taking hits for Bebe as she turns the attackers into Snakes that then attack other attackers. Both Zen Cartman and Bebe would survive the phone being destroyed.

Hallelujah a card worth playing when timed right. it will allow you to basically spend 4 to have replaced any one card that cost at least that. Do it when you have both Bebe, and Dogpoo out and Zen Cartman taking hits after just blowing up the first phone and suddenly they are all three back at full health? Totes worth.

Program Stan He is your other striker, he is also an answer card so it works well. When time is a crunch and you can't break through, there is a swarm or timing is just off, he freezes a huge area for a bit just to throw tempo off. Change the tide give your guys a chance to even the odds a bit.

Seny Nun Randy He is a striker and an answer and yet ranged. Play him far back so he can get charged up before getting into the fray. let him spawn those little choir boys, they arent Butters but they are almost as fast to skirt out ahead of him and distract any hitters before Randy gets jumped. Bebe works well with any one of these three, Doopoo, Stan and of course Cartman. My favorite is actually Stan, then Bebe, then Dogpoo. You can swap out Sexy Nun for Pocahontas Randy but again for me it was raw stats, the bigger threat was Sexy Nun by a hair.

Mind Control is a pure answer card it throws temp, confusion, and changes odds for a moment, its also a 2 for one card in essence. If they play Dogpoo and Program Stan for example and you play Mind Control and Butters, Mind Control, would likely take over one of their guys, which would in turn swing and attack the other, one of them would die or both be drastically hurt. In the first, now just the quicker and never distracted Butters would be still moving in to kill the lone Survivor regardless of who it was or on the other hand when Mind Control wears off, if both are greatly hurt, Butters will die swinging on the one and both die off and the other dies to Zaps. A fun experiment is playing Mind Control and Kenny at the same time instead of Butters.

Poison answer to swarms, most have large numbers with small HP so by the time they cross the field poison would make all die or easy to kill.

Unholy Combustion Answer to Manbearpig. ## any other threat that annoys you.##