Posting here to get feedback from experienced players.

Nothing out of the box here:

Zen Cartman - soak up damage while assassins chew enemies. Bandita Sally - cheap and effective assassin. Deckhand Butters - assasin with heal deathwish to snowball. Calamity Heidi - classic. Best dps Adv card for cost. Medusa Bebe - good range. Counter for deathwish cards. Friar Jimmy - super tanky. Keeps units healthy for snowballing. Poseidon Stan - 2nd best Stan imo next to SoMM. The slows. Hookhand Clyde - not a fan of this but too good to not include. Terrance Mephesto - only other anti-flying card here. Anti-rats. Dogpoo - my first epic. Anti-assasins. Honestly dunno y i keep it. Fireball - crowd control units surrounding Zen Cartman. Regeneration - keeps units healthy even after NK phone pops.


I am lvl14 looking at breaking through to legendary before season ends. I feel like there is still a lot of room for improvement here. I would like to include rats in here somewhere to counter Mecha Timmy. Main theme of the deck is heals. All commons are level 5. Sally and Jimmy are both maxed. All rares are level 4. Epics level 3. Medusa level 2.


Please limit suggestions to adv-mys-neut. I am too invested in these themes. Can't make legendary run on others.

Sorry for wall of text. Wish i had a potato for you.