Note: For some reason, Robo Bebe doesn't show up on here, so replace Gunslinger Kyle with Robo Bebe.

This deck was should be usable by most beginners, and should be helpful in getting through the early ranks.

There are no Legendary or Epic cards, that way Upgrading/Leveling is (relatively) quick and cheap.

If you draw Cartman and/or Token to start the match, I immediately drop them next to NewKid(NK). From there, it's easy to send out a fighter like Heidi or Nelly and then play cards based on what your opponent throws out.

If you build a decent wall with Cartman & co, and your opponent drops a high-cost unit (or multiple units) immediately respond with an assassin at one of the front corners. If you drop the assassin (like Butters) right, it will bypass the chaotic fight happening and run straight at your opponent, dealing decent damage while they build up energy to respond to the assassin.

Clyde is my go-to counter against Nathan, Randy (any Randy really), Barbrady, Zen Cartman, and really anything tanky or annoying.

I'm pretty new to this game, but this deck has been really successful for me. I'm consistently beating people who have higher NK levels than me, and higher PVP ranks, in hard-fought battles (not de-rankers). I'm very open to suggestions and criticism!