So the basic concept of the deck is quite simple; unlike most control themes, this one only has Timmy to MC and that is perfectly fine. If he is in the opsnsing hand, most always I’ll oaky that relatively fast instead of the usual waiting for max energy. The whole point is to “mind control” your openent instead of the cards. A swift summon of mecha timmy and they immediately see one thing; an almost empty field, it’s mecha Timmy oh no! And he’s already charging and I haven’t even decided uhhh oh crap rats ! ——> your sally

Or “oh yeah I’ll stop him with enforcer Ji…” As you strike the crippled comedian with fury of natural selection

Or” I can use mecha timmy too” I’ll never understand that play

Also I love I start with Stan And token quickly huddled behind NK and then pop out snuggle Ike so that he is trapped behind the two of them, increasing the amount of attack boosts of course.

Dog is for what he always is, just a little squishy and hits tough when followed by sally.

The cream of the crap CRAAAP Is a level five gunslinger. You have many many options but the scariest thing I’ve ever done (as of lately several times a day now ) is to have jimmy, token, and Kyle out and advancing with however its needed I get only one enemy. Just before o uhit tokens dash, u steal the desperately and foolishly summon (always scores a hit for u as well) allowing token a free strike, just as you hit kyles charge giving token a frightening 200+ ONE SWING, and if you are really fortunate, just befor yo I hit Kyle’s charge of summon rat of course. All veriatiojs will eventually lead with Kyle rays token Kyle Stan token Kyle rats Ike Timmy it’s just non stop carnage