USE ROBO BEBE instead of Pirate Ship Timmy. I guess this website does not have Robo Bebe in their database, so I could not add her to the list.

^^^ That is important ^^^

This deck uses 0 Epic and 0 Legendary cards. This allows you to upgrade cards quickly (Epic/Legend use a lot of upgrade materials) and level up faster (you can request every card in the deck instead of waiting for the cards to show up in the PVP shop or spending cash). Only 4 cards are rare, so your materials will go a long way. Since it's ADV/SCI, you can get started with putting this deck together from the get-go if you're new. I'm pretty sure Shaman Token is the last card to unlock in the deck, and that's only at PVP level 15.

At the time I'm posting this (June 27, 2018), I have all cards at Level 4 except for Terrance (2 upgrades away from level 4). My highest PVP rank is 47. I got knocked down to 46 for now. I think I can make it into Legends with just a few more upgrades. I have never "de-ranked" and have never needed to. With a deck like this, and a little skill, you should be able to win a fair portion of your battles. I beat people as high as Lv18, and I'm Lv12. This deck allows you to respond to pretty much anything they can throw at you. Instead of relying on gimmicks like tanks for headhunters, it gives you the tools to counter those gimmicks and make a push on your own with great low-cost units.