You could use this deck mostly at the beginning of the game.

Starvin' Marvin: It's a great headhunter for his flying ability, also he has a good stamina.

Pirate Ship Timmy: He is an amazing bomber and very useful if you put him behind your new kid.

Hookhand Clyde: It's my favorite fighter for his one shot powerful ability.

Dogpoo: An awesome fighter.

Bandita Sally: She's a great asassin, you can put her behind the fighters or the tank and she can kill a lot of enemies. I rather use her against Randy cards.

A.W.E.S.O.M.O 4000: I prefer only use one tank, so i chose this for his stamina and ability.

Program Stan: A nice fighter that can give you a few seconds to get mana thanks to his frozen ability.

Rat swarm: If you use it right, it can protect you from Dougie.

Space Warrior Token: Powerful fighter.

Lightning Bolt: It's very good to take care of Cyborg Kenny or even Manbearpig.

Cyborg Kenny: If you use it correctly, he can give you a nice advantage.

Captain Wendy or Buccaner Bebe: I prefer Buccaner Bebe for his incredible attack but Captain Wendy is cheaper and has a good ability.