You many find this deck weak (idk) but, if you keep upgrading and learning ways to use these cards. I guarantee you’ll find this deck pretty strong (idk just saying) If you use Kenny and Butters together with any card, expect with Craig, Kyle, and Doogie, they can do best damage together. (You have to put down any card of ur choice, then Butters and Kenny. So the enemy can do damage on them first then doing damage to Butters and Kenny.) I recommend putting Cartman down first, since he has the most health out of all of them, if you keep upgrading him, then…well..fight! Also you can use Token to take out any type of small enemy. (Pigeon, rats, etc.) Doogie to do damage, Kyle to protect, Resurrection to heal, etc etc. You’ll find a way to use these cards, these were just some ideas/recommendations.