This is the deck i'd been using until rank 29. This deck mostly plays on the defensive side and try to counter your opponent's play at the same time setting up a medium size push.

Unholy Combustion - In my meta there are a lot of manbearpigs and mind control kenny so this is a big help

Purify - usually use to cleanse freeze and poison, but due to the low mana cost, this cards and be easily cycled

Zen Cartmen - Tank. I once read someone on reddit said that you only need one tank in this game, so this is my tank

Rat swarm - a lot of people played this aggressively, but i usually play them on the defensive side, for back door assassin and mind control kenny

Choirboy Butters and Hermes Kenny - fast, hit hard and easily cycled

Regeneration - usually played this when i have 2-3 tank or fighters with half of their health gone

Hookhand Clyde - I love this card, if you're lucky, it'll kill enemy nathan, halves Dogpoo's health and kill any assassin or flyers

Nathan - if Clyde missed the flyer this is your back up plan, also a great long range-er if zen cartmen is infront

Sexy Nun Randy - i once put this in for fun, but it turns out quite good. Tanky in a sense, deals some damage and a valuable charge ability

Calamity Heidi - hooker price, escort quality

Dog Poo - Vanilla stat fighter.