Hey im not a phone destroyer prophet just play a lot and remember you dont need to spend a cent to develop quickly its just simple things can get you far for example…

Join a team and request cards build up your cards to level up.. BUT DONT BE GREEDY ITS A 2 WAY STREET IF YOU TAKE YOU WILL NEED TO GIVE.. plus small donations here and there help your new kid level grow..

Go to butters shop in the pvp house swap pvp tickets for cartman coins trade all the way up to 90 then stop do this every day and you will watch your coins grow..

Once you join a clan participate in events as much as possible the better the individual result plus a quality team will advance you shit loads plus you will get a bugger load of cash dont be afraid to use that cash on pvp battles and locker unlocks..

Ps i do have Maxi Priest in my deck replaced with dog poo