Step 1: Launch 1 fighter and 1 assassin at each flank, ASAP.

Step 2a: In 7/10 cases you'll get through first segment without playing anything else. Go to step 3.

Step 2b: Rush is partially successful, provide ranged help from Timmy/Marcus/Clyde or third assassin. It either end up at step 2c or at step 3.

Step 2c: Rush failed miserably, but you'll have plenty of time to set up defense while wounded enemy units come from their half. Repeat step 1.

Step 3: You are in the lead, time to stall and set up defense. Bring on Marcus if enemy units are far and too numerous. Bring AWESOM-O if trouble is coming your way.

Step 4: Put up a fight on your half, seek opportunities to sneak up assassins both flanks for a devastating counter-attack.

That's it.

Few more tips:

  1. Make use out of Atronaut Butters' deathwish. Speeded up Dogpoo or another assassin is a nightmare for an enemy.
  2. Make us out of SW Token's charge. He can reach opponent's New Kid in 2 seconds from your New Kid and deal MASSIVE damage (over 150 hp for lvl 3 Token).