Hello all, this is Sypha. Some of you may know me from discord, some of you may know me as SyphaGaming on reddit, others may know me as SyphaPhoneDestroyer on Twitch. As I write this, I am currently tank 5 Legend. Please feel free to let me know how you feel about this deck.

On to the good stuff!

Zen Cartman - Probably the most important card in this deck. To use Zen correctly, make sure you always summon him behind your NK at the start of the match and continuously hit his ability so that your opponents units get to your side before you get to theirs. That way, you have an advantage on the battlefield.

Angel Wendy - The best unit that heals in the game. Amazing unit to have backrow while Zen is tanking all the damage.

Friar Jimmy - Amazing at giving health to all units near him which helps with other units survive longer. Can be used as a meat shield if zen is not out.

Regeneration - A Busted card that heals insane amounts and keeps your units living!

Purify - A MUST in the current meta! Used against Poison, Regeneration, Stan's ability, Mind control not so much as usually Mecha-Timmy's MC goes away quickly.

Stan The Great - An amazing fighter with a low cost and an AMAZING ability that can turn the tide of a huge battle!

Catapult Timmy - In my opinion, the best Timmy to use in game. Sends out 3 rats which can help overrun your opponent if not checked!

Princess Kenny - Cheap Assassin, deals tons of damage and makes a unit useless for a while. What more +++++ can you get.

Paladin Butters - Cheap Assassin, dies and makes one of your units invincible for a couple of seconds, LEGIT!

Underpants Gnomes - This is the wildcard of the deck and can be switched for anything you like. I personally like underpants as they are cheap and can take care of assassins quickly.

Rats - Staple in any deck, fast critters.

Terrance Mephesto - This can be switched with Nelly if you like as Nelly can survive a fireball but Terrance avoids ground units, use whichever suits you currently.