So this deck originally came from an idea to make a direct damage deck (centered around Marcus and Marine Craig). Instead, I found better success running this like a control deck looking for better trades and counters to what the opponent plays. I've made it past a couple of purify/regen decks using this as well but I've found that this isn't a brain dead, drop your units and swarm type of deck.

I'm currently only at rank 31 but I like it due to the choices I have to make while playing.

As I mention above, this isn't a drop your cards and go deck, with the exception of Cyborg Kenny. At the beginning of the match he's a great drop at the center and let him go. Worst case scenarios are, rats/pigeons, purify, zen cartman or bad luck with NK damage. Basically, in their panic that a unit is coming at them, I find that some people drop a unit to stop which hopefully turns on their NK and continues damage for a little bit. Aside from purify though, you're really only down 1 charge to whatever they put out to stop and if they use something like arrows/lightning/fireball, you're even.

Then it's a matter of finding the right cards for the right situations. Some of the better combos include:

Mephisto/Timmy/Craig in the back, heidi (best utility card) to "tank" with a butters to support her.

Stan of Many Moons plus Alien queen Red, poison or marine craig if his poison hits. SoMM charge attack in conjunction with the poison, helps clear the field. It's a little costly but hopefully at that point you're not too far behind.

Cyborg Kenny is a great answer to DogPoo or some of the other high damage units.

MBP is always a struggle unless you're either leveled higher or they don't suppport well. but Alien queen Reds poison is a permanent effect unless purify and you can usually get enough units out to stop it.

Because of the high (ish) cost, if you don't make good trades early or you hook hand RNGs you out of taking a unit down you might have to give up a health bar. you can get it back but don't lose your cool and spam. Again, this is not a spam deck.

Considering switching out red and stan for shaman token and sherrif cartman. but not sure yet.