I use deckhand butters as a health reg for awsesomo or terrance,and sometimes storyteller jimmy. enforcer jimmy supporting another unit will stop a lethal charge. Storyteller jimmy is great against lots of small units, rats, or as a supporting unit that also can take damage. heidi is a great cheap defense unit that can handle damage. heidi and astronaut butters are gold standard assassins. dogpoo and clyde (although i doubt clyde) can hold ground and stop assassins. Terrance, can deal with air units, and if a player doesn't deal with air units, wins you the game. arrow storm deals with assassins wave and air units. Stan is on okay card, but his charge makes assassin's very lethal, and good in defending multi-side attack. Awsedomo slows the other player, a lot, and covers for supporting units. also freezes expensive units into destruction.