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Very good deck. Recommended by many legend players. It is revolutionary and is just impossible to destroy.

Card Stats

Cyborg Kenny Very good damage and with regeneration, phone zap is nothing, literally nothing. But, rats are annoying as hell.

Pope Timmy Revives the past unit. Very good and useful.

Zen Cartman Very fat guy and that’s why he’s good, especially with regen.

AWESOMO Same thing as Zen.

Big Gay Al Gay guy, he can get a lot of hits because he’s fat and he’s a headhunter, really good with regen.

Officer Barbrady He’s fat. That’s why he’s good.

Manbearpig Really good legendary card and he’s probably the best card in the history of Phone Destroyer because he has so much health especially with regen and he’s fat too which makes him a SUMO PRO WRESTLER GOD.

Hallelujah Heals your fat dudes when they’re going to die. Very important.

Mind Control To mind control other peoples Manbearpigs and fat dudes.

And.. the most important card of all… REGENERATION! Regenerates everyone over time and costs only 3 mana!