Catapult Timmy can be replaced by Amazingly Randy, and Hallelujah can be changed into region.

This deck is defensive at first, because if you are lucky, you would deploy Zen cartman / Dark mage Craig first. To counter Manbearpig/ other annoying tanks, we have unholy combustion. Purify is useful to shut down Sci-Fi Decks.Catapult Timmy is used for extra damage, or to counter Terrance (Mephesto) Clyde is supposed to be used at the start if the opponent uses a Nathan. That may also damage them a bit too. Zen Cartman used to soak up hits, as well as Kenny and butters to support that. Dogpoo to counter any fighter card (Stan, Clyde, etc) Craig is used to counter swarms, and rogue token to destroy huge swarms (Kind of like a 1/2 fireball) Zen Cartman is a stall, mostly for counter pushes. Stan is a massive overhaul for counter pushes, because of his OP ability (reduces attack). He also has decent stats! Hallelujah is a core for counter pushes, because this will (obviously) heal all troops, since they probably took damage while stalling.

Resistances: Sci-Fi, Manbearpig Rush decks, Nathan. Etc Shutdowns, Swarm shutdowns. Balanced deck.

Weakness: Terrance Mephesto, Decks with 3 or more tanks (in it)