Core Cards (10)

  • Zen Cartman: Best card from the entire mystic theme, a massive meatwall that is the slowest unit in the game that can protect nearby allied units with his taunt and only costs 3 energy.
  • Angel Wendy: Solid stats for a 3 cost ranged and great effect.
  • Astronaut Butters: The only assassin you can use in this deck due to all other of his kind being epic cards that don't scale well.
  • Alien Clyde: Solid stats and an extremly strong effect that deals 800+ damage at level 5 which will melt even tanks.
  • Mecha Timmy: Strong card with incredible range that is normally used as the start of your build-up play. Unfortunately there is no similar replacement for him so if you don't own him you have to choose one of the flex cards below as substitute.
  • Poseidon Stan: Good stats couple with an exceptional ability.
  • Poison: Must-have in this combination due to it being the only AoE damage spell you have access to.
  • Regeneration: Extremly powerful card that gives you a great advantage in fights making it extreamly hard for your opponent to take down your units unless he can purify the effect or burst through the healing.
  • Terrance Mephesto or Nelly: Both very strong AoE damage dealers, Mephesto is ranged and safer while dealing less damage and being more expensive, Nelly also has a knockback on her attacks. You want to have at least one of them in your deck but it comes down to personal preference or how your deck is build up otherwise. (e.g if you already have 2-3 other ranged cards, you should rather use Nelly instead of Mephesto)
  • Rat Swarm: Simply the best neutral card in the game, deserves a spot in every deck.


Flex Cards (2)

  • Enforcer Jimmy or Power Bind*: The power to stop enemy charges is just too powerful to not have in your deck in my opinion as it can be used very effectively against every deck. Enforcer Jimmy is a decently strong fighter coupled with the effect while Power Bind is cheaper and can be used on units on the enemy side as well. Ultimately both really strong cards and its up to you to choose which one fits better in your deck.
  • Purify* Really strong and versatile card that is useful against any theme and helps you cycling through your deck faster than your opponent and allow you to play your strongest cards more often. Also depends on what themes you mostly encounter at your rank as it is e.g very strong against SciFi but not as much against Adventure.
  • Friar Jimmy: Solid card with a effect that complements the general sustained fights with the Mystic theme really well. You can choose him over Enforcer if you prefer having his healing aura over the powerbinding effect.
  • Alien Queen Red: Very high cost at 5 but her effect poisons every enemy unit and unlike all other poison effects who are limited to X seconds hers lasts until the enemy unit dies. Extremly high value card if used well.
  • Medusa Bebe: The only legendary card in the game besides Mecha Timmy that can still be used at the top ranks due to her absurdly high base health and powerful effect.
  • Cyborg Kenny: Taking control of an enemy unit for 10 seconds is an extremly strong ability but hard to use effectively, also it can be countered/purified and due to him being epic his stats are underwhelming at a higher level.
  • Starvin Marvin: I normally wouldn't recommend this card but if you combo him with Astronaut Butters deathwish he can be quite strong due to there not being many ways to deal with flying units.
  • For lower/mid ranks only: Witchdoctor Token/Ninjew/Hermes Kenny/Choirboy Butters/Program Stan/Dogpoo/Manbearpig: Ok cards for lower/mid rank but fall off once you get to the point where all players have level 4+commons/level 3+ rares

*are my personal recommendations for the deck.

All the other cards that are not listed here are either generally to weak, to situational or just not fitting for higher ranks as people generally know how to properly play against them and capitalize on it and thus not recommended to use.



This all can obviously differ a bit depending on what flex cards you chose but that's the general twist of how to use the themes and the core cards.


  • The general idea of the deck is pretty simply, have Zen cartman, the ranged units behind and the fighters/assassins near Zen in one massive ball of death so if an enemy is in range to attack them he gets drawn in from Zens taunt.
  • Zen Cartman is your centerpiece and all the action on the field should always revolve around him.
  • Learn to keep up with Zen Cartmans speed. He is extremly slow so you have to coordinate your other units accordingly so they don't move too far ahead of him and simply die without his protection. This might need some training and experience with the mystic cards but is by far one of the most important things for a mystic player and one thing that too many people don't manage to do perfectly. I have seen it countless times that the enemy plays his units too far away from Zen Cartman allowing me to pick off their units one by one in my side of the field resulting in a lonely Zen Cartman standing in front of my new kid allowing me to stack some units until he dies for one massive push. Zen Cartman should always be the first unit to die in the fight, never the last. Tattoo that on your ass if you're a mystic player.
  • Use Power Bind when the enemy unit is almost fully charged - for two reasons: When the duration of Power Bind is over the enemy unit will start charging again from zero, so you effectively won a few seconds and if you wait to Power Bind maybe the enemy plays another charge unit that you can hit as well.
  • While it's obviously a lot more effective on multiple units Regeneration can still be strong if used on single assassins/rats as they don't die to the new kid zap or on Mephesto as many themes already struggle to kill him and Regen basically makes him immortal for 10 seconds.
  • Keep onto your Mephesto until the enemy plays his swarm unit to instantly counter those or if the enemy plays at least 2 units near each other to get great value from his AoE. Don't play him when you don't need to and allow the enemy to possibly kill him and take advantage of you not having your Mephesto for a while.
  • If the enemy starts out with any tank (except Sheriff Cartman as he has too high movementspeed for that to work) which is the standard build-up of many players, instantly play a Fighter (with no or weak effect) with Mephesto behind in the middle of the field. The fighter will get taunted when he reaches the new kid but Mephesto can do tons of AoE damage on the enemy new kid by hitting Zen. The enemy can't really counterattack after your units die because Zen Cartman is too slow for that so when he actually attacks you will easily be back at full energy.


Aka the way you play at the start of the game and every time the field has been reset, either because you destroyed an enemy healthbar or after an even fight.

  • Wait for full energy
  • Play Zen Cartman behind your new kid. He is the slowest unit in the game and will always allow you to have the first fight in your side of the field. If you don't have Zen Cartman in your hand:
  • Mecha Timmy is also an adequate start, slightly faster than Zen but still perfectly fine.
  • If you don't have any good opening cards send out an Assassin or Rat Swarm towards the enemy new kid. It's a bad trade for you but forces the enemy to react until the enemy units enter your field you will be back at full energy and have the advantage of fighting on your side.
  • You can also choose to throw out your Purify on nothing. It is only one energy, allows you to see what your opponent starts with and react to it. I wouldn't do it with Power Bind as you might want to use it very early in the game against certain cards like Zen, Catapult/Mecha Timmy etc.
  • Wait for the first unit of the enemy and then play Alien if you think the enemy unit is worth using his effect on. But don't waste too much energy waiting.
  • If you started with Zen Cartman your 2nd unit should be Mecha Timmy or Alien Clyde and place him behind your Zen Cartman. Angel Wendy is also a good 2nd card.

VS Mystic

  • If the enemy starts with a Zen behind his new kid and you have Power Bind in your starting hand use it on him, othwise keep it for Poseidon Stan. Angel Wendy if the enemy doesn't play Poseidon. If you're using Enforcer Jimmy play him to stop the charge of Poseidon Stan.
  • You need to weigh whether it makes more sense to use your Purify to remove a possible Power Bind on one of your key cards (Stan the Great) or to remove an enemy Regeneration from key units.
  • The battle will always evolve around Zen Cartman as he can protect ranged units with his body and melee units with his taunt. Make sure to place your Mephesto/Nelly in a way that he/she deals the maximal possible damage to important targets.

VS Adventure

  • Adventure is your hardest matchup as Fireball is the hardest counter against your whole ball of death strategy. Try to space out your units until they meet the enemy units and engage in combat. (i.e start with Zen Cartman, play Catapult/Angel behind and then your Stan in the top right/left corner). Your goal is to not give your enemy any opportunity to get a great trade using his Fireball (like hitting two of your ranged units with it) and to just play cards to avoid that scenario in order to force the enemy to use his energy on other cards (since he has to anwser your units in order not to get overrun by them) to the point where he simply can't afford to play his fireball, either because he doesn't have enough energy or because your other units would deal too much damage if he doesn't react to them instead. If you know your enemy does not have enough energy for a fireball because you kept track of his energy you can group your units more and keep them protected by Zen Cartman without too much trouble.
  • Purify is only really useful against Gunslinger here, while Power Bind can only be used on Pirate ship timmy but should kept for cards of the other theme.
  • If you want to you can use Rats to protect an important unit (e.g Mecha Timmy) from the Hookhand Clyde RNG by instantly playing them after Clyde.

VS Fantasy

  • If the enemy starts with a Catapult Timmy behind his new kid and you have Power Bind in your starting hand you can use it on him otherwise always keep it for Stan the Great as his ability is one of the strongest in the game. If you use Enforcer Jimmy play him to stop the charge of Stan the Great. Regeneration is a great help in sustaining your units through the debuff as well.
  • Purify can be used to remove the debuff from Stan the Great or remove the invincibility from Paladin Butters deathwish. Does not work on Princess Kennys debuff.
  • Mephesto/Nelly basically nullifies Catapult Timmys ability as he/she will always oneshots his Rats.
  • If you don't want any bigger unit to have zero attack for ten seconds use Rats to kill Princess Kenny.

VS SciFi

  • You need to weigh when to use your Purify, whether you want to protect one key card from Alien Clydes effect or you want to cleanse multiple units from Alien Queen Reds effect. Purify does not remove speed up effects like Astronaut Butters' deathwish.
  • Keep Regeneration for the enemies Poison spell, its a perfect counter as it heals for more than poison deals damage.
  • Use Power Bind on Mecha Timmy or Program Stan. Also try to keep your units behind your Zen Cartman if there is an enemy Mecha Timmy with his ability charged as Zen will only take a bit of damage from one of your units if he gets mindcontrolled which is not much of a loss. If you play Enforcer Jimmy you can play him in range of Mecha Timmy to stop his charge, if that's not possible keep him for charge units of other themes.
  • Counter the effect of Alien Clyde/Mecha Timmy/Cyborg Kenny with your Rats
  • Program Stan can oneshot swarm units with his ability so wait with your Rats until Program Stans ability has been used or he died.