This deck is easy to obtain and I have been able to move up the ranks rather quickly after building it. I am at 35 and still climbing. This works great for the lower/mid ranks and Ill update when I reach higher ranks to confirm it is still viable.

This deck is great when playing defensive. Let them play first counter and push.

Terrance Mephesto is used to take care of any swarm cards and can be swapped out for Nathan. I have used both.

Unholy Combustion is great for taking out Manbearpig. If they don't have Manbearpig it is used for destroying the tank or other legendaries. If I get it in my opening deck I usually hold it and see if Manbearpig is played and gage what units they have before making the decision to play it.

Rat Swarm is nice for any dougie or other cards that go for your hero. If a dougie is starting to charge drop rat swarm next to your hero and they will slow him down before he hits and usually kill him before he get the first shot in.

Shaman Token is a good card for his low cost and easy upgradability. He is also fun to play against people using Mindcontrol that get over excited to use a charge without thinking. It happens way more than it should be it's nice when they use it on him, use his charge and give him right back.

Hookhand Clyde is great because he has the chance to completely take out an enemy or really damage one. I have used Marcus in his place which was like adding another tank and it worked at the lower levels but I have done a lot better using Clyde.

Dogpoo is just a great card I wouldn't replace him.

Angel Wendy is good to have for the healing to keep Zen Cartman alive and range support.

Zen Cartman is an extremely good tank and is a must.

Poseidon Stan is great and slowing down the enemy and I have not found a good replacement for him, but if you haven't leveled him up you could try swapping him out for another card and see if it works better for you. Maybe storyteller jimmy if you have him leveled up instead.

I have not tried this deck without Medusa Bebe and I am not sure it would work without her. This deck doesn't have a lot of range damage so replacing her would require some further tweaking but if you are able to find a replacement post a comment letting everyone know.

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