FearlessGren here again with my #2 deck! * Like meny I do run two PvP decks and can handle the mix matching*, okay here we are with my Mystic/Fant deck, the deck used from rank 45+ till Legendary will be listing my card levels today for a better understanding and a small guide.

Wild card dogpoo can be replaced.

LV2 Dogpoo LV3 Zen Cartam LV3 Regeneration LV3 Purify LV4 Rat Swarm LV2 Ninjew Kyle LV4 Frair Jimmy Lv4 Angel Wendy LV3 Hercules Clyde LV4 Stan the Great Lv4 Paladin Butters

Lv4 Princess Kenny

Quick guide: You can probably tell what the combo is by looking, no it isnt rats and ninjew Kyle. Its building a push off zencartman/Jimmy Stan. By allowing your opponent to act first you can start by placing Zen activate charge as soon as possible to keep him at your end! Fight should start at mid field, you want to have Stan in play by the time Zen reachs mid and jimmy should be waiting. Inbetween that you will have to drop an assassin to kill off whatever is coming, idea is to get the fight to mid field well having Stan + Zen + jimmy in play once far enough over when opponent starts to zap your first unit is when we start our strat, we see what the opponent plays lightly counter keep the fight on his end! Regen will help an so will jimmy. Angel Wendy is optional play. You want to maintain Zen+jimmy+ Stan and patiently wait for the opening to lay down ninjew Kyle which will buff Stan+ jimmy making it one hell of a ride! This strat can happen anyway but consider the cards mentioned in the strat and you can find your own way of playing the strat on the field it is very simple plays and is defently legendary worthy. Will be posting videos on how to play this deck.