This deck capitalises on the commons/rares the game has, to make it easily upgradable and viable to use.

Initiators Zen Cartman and Catapult Timmy make good initiators due to their slow speed. You can further use Cartman's ability to slow him further, making battles occur on your side of the field.

Follow-ups Summon Stan the Great and Terrence after your initiation (when your energy gets to 10) Terrence has an AoE attack to chip away at clusters while Cartman tanks them, while Stan's ability can nullify the attack of everyone on the field, creating the advantage that's needed.

Rogue Token (the Nuke) One disadvantage of a Mystic/Fantasy deck is its lack of access to nuking spells. If you can get the enemy units in a cluster on your side of the field, you can play Rogue Token as a nuke (level 2 token does slightly more damage than an arrowstorm if his ability is levelled)

Butters (the damage dealer) Paladin Butters is your bread and Butter Assassin. (Some may opt for Princess Kenny, but Butters caters to the F2Ps and those struggling to climb the ladder.) Deploy on units taunted by Cartman, behind a rat swarm, or to use his deathwish as a shield to deal with sneak attacks.

Rat Swarm (Sneak/Anti-Assassin) While a Gunslinger Kyle - Rat Combo seems fancy, this is not the purpose of this card. Deploy if you see an opening to the enemy's archers or NK. Alternatively, you can deploy to deal with the enemy's Assassins (extremely good counter against Cyborg Kenny) or fighters (especially good against Dogpoo).

Healing The aim of this deck is to minimise the death of your units to trade efficiently. Angel Wendy can be played if you have a good board advantage, while Regeneration can be used if a crucial unit is in need of urgent healing. Friar Jimmy can be used to heal your leader(about 6 ticks of regeneraation if you place him at the back), but otherwise, his impact on the field is minimal, and he is better played as a fighter

Purify The hallmark of all mystic decks. Notable uses of this card include

  • Removing the opponent's regeneration
  • Removing poison
  • Removing mind control.
  • Removing other types of annoying deathwishes. At higher levels, opponents might play around with debuffs to lure you to use this card (e.g. throwing poison before using mind control)

As of now, I am Rank 41 with this deck, with Friar Jimmy being level 4, and the rest at level 3 (Regeneration and Catapult Timmy are @ level 2 because of a lack of cards). Overall, trade efficiently, minimise deaths, and you should be able to work your way up the ranks.