Playing on Level 47 with this Deck. Actually it is defensive and meant to win by taking one bar from the opponent to win. Lvl 3 Hookhand Clyde will come into play dealing 35 damage to leader, lvl 3 Marcus will deal 69 further damage. To defend against Manbearpig and similiar there are Transmogrify and Inuit Kenny. Do defend against rats and other swarms, lvl 3 Rogue Token will appear and deal 160 damage to all. Lvl 3 Storyteller Jimmy will furthermore weaken attacks. In Endgame stage, Big Gay Al will occur for some trouble. Lvl 3 Lightning Bolt does 46 damage to leader or to Nathan/Mech Timmy/Dougie(while rolling)/Marvin/Mephisto. Lvl 3 deals either massive damage to swarm or in endgame to leader to win. Underpants Gnomes are very effective against Cyborg Kenny and rats.