Hello Everyone,

I present to you a modest deck idea..

This deck is as assassin heavy as I could make it with the implementation of regeneration (thus making it have to have Green cards) As well as the idea of having no epic/legendary cards to make it easily upgraded.

I don't believe this deck has any major faults. You have purify for poison/MC/Debuffs heavy decks, Terrence to take care of Swarm cards, Hercules Clyde to make sure no specials or pesky archers in the back will ruin a good rush.

With the addition of the cheapest tank in the game (Zen Cartman) He has enough backing from cards such as Friar Jimmy/Angel Wendy/Deckhand Butters to help keep him afloat.

As a major addition if you have regeneration at a high enough level (possibly level 4 or above) you can rush the opposing NK with Smuggler Ike/Deckhand Butters/Bandita Sally and it should be enough to take a bar or two.

Good Luck