It seemed like all I was ever seeing was Adventure decks, so I decided to make something else. After switching to this, I climbed from mid-20s to 32 very quickly. It has a good mix of freeze effects and shield effects to give your units more time to strike. It's very good at reacting to the opponent as well, with counters to Manbearpig (Transmogrify, Cyborg Kenny), and its assassins do very well trading against enemy plays with lower energy costs. Timing and utilizing the deathwishes of both Butters cards will win you games doing things like speeding up or shielding your Kenny, Al, or Dogpoo. Gnomes are fantastic against enemy assassins, but make sure to avoid using them when the opponent has AoE damage or a debuff unit like a Storyteller Jimmy out.

Basically the typical gameplan of this deck is to get Stan out, freeze the opponent and kill their units with your assassins/Dogpoo. If the enemy drops a unit by his NK, rushing him with Kenny can be an easy bar decently often. Once you are ahead, drop Cartman and hide behind him with your ranged units and kill off his threats as they come with your natural counters.

I hope you enjoy playing this deck as much as I do!