Phone Destroyer Deck builder v1.1

Hi New Kid! Welcome to Critical's South Park Phone Destroyer deck builder. The deck builder enables you to select 12 Cards, name and describe your deck and then share it with all the other New Kids in the world.

The save form and buttons are on the bottom. We'll eventually figure out a better UI for this.

1. Build a deck

Card Mana Theme Rarity
{{ card.ManaCost }} {{ card.Theme }} {{ card.Rarity }}

2. Check your deck again

3. Name and describe your deck

No description yet.

4. Enable editing with a passcode

Deck edit passcode is used to activate Deck Editing on the Deck page. Only Decks that have a passcode can be edited. Passcode can be anything you see fit. Anyone with your passcode can edit your deck - share it sparsely.

Important: We don't know your passcode, we are saving it as a salted hash.

5. Save your deck

Your deck needs a name and 12 cards.


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