Latest Phone Destroyer decks

Deck Themes AVG. Cost Rating
Shit Phone Destroyer Deck Shit 2018-01-23T20:55:33+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.17 0
Got me to lvl 50+ Adventure/Sci-Fi Phone Destroyer Deck Got me to lvl 50+ Adventure/Sci-Fi 2018-01-23T19:07:37+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.58 6
first_deck_name_1 Phone Destroyer Deck first_deck_name_1 2018-01-23T18:37:13+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 3.08 5
deck2 Phone Destroyer Deck deck2 2018-01-23T17:25:38+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.33 0
Grand wizard Cartman deck Phone Destroyer Deck Grand wizard Cartman deck 2018-01-23T06:02:36+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General 3.67 19
Possibly Alright Deck Phone Destroyer Deck Possibly Alright Deck 2018-01-23T04:50:40+00:00 Fantasy General Mystical 3.08 5
Solstation Phone Destroyer Deck Solstation 2018-01-23T02:52:05+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.08 0
PvP Lodgike Phone Destroyer Deck PvP Lodgike 2018-01-23T02:49:13+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.17 0
My deck 2 Phone Destroyer Deck My deck 2 2018-01-23T00:26:51+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 3.25 0
Freeze and Control Phone Destroyer Deck Freeze and Control 2018-01-22T15:27:36+00:00 Fantasy General SciFi 3.67 0
luckyman Phone Destroyer Deck luckyman 2018-01-22T13:13:39+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 2.67 1
FearlessGren's Grandwizard IS MY BOITCH (PVE 60) Phone Destroyer Deck FearlessGren's Grandwizard IS MY BOITCH (PVE 60) 2018-01-22T03:39:40+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 3.25 17
bayer's pvp deck Phone Destroyer Deck bayer's pvp deck 2018-01-22T03:28:16+00:00 General Mystical SciFi 2.92 6
Versatile AM Phone Destroyer Deck Versatile AM 2018-01-21T22:50:15+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 2.83 0
Markus Phone Destroyer Deck Markus 2018-01-21T22:36:56+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.58 0
Sci-fi / adventure rank 49 deck Phone Destroyer Deck Sci-fi / adventure rank 49 deck 2018-01-21T20:24:13+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 2.92 153
Rockotzu Phone Destroyer Deck Rockotzu 2018-01-21T18:37:12+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 2.83 6
adventuer/ mystical deck Phone Destroyer Deck adventuer/ mystical deck 2018-01-21T16:36:21+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General 2.92 5
Adv/SciFi Legend Phone Destroyer Deck Adv/SciFi Legend 2018-01-21T16:22:36+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.17 0
Fantasy/Mystical Phone Destroyer Deck Fantasy/Mystical 2018-01-21T14:06:05+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General Mystical 3.00 0
My deck Phone Destroyer Deck My deck 2018-01-21T13:11:09+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General 3.58 0
Adventure/Fantasy Phone Destroyer Deck Adventure/Fantasy 2018-01-21T11:18:51+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General 3.17 7
My Main Deck Phone Destroyer Deck My Main Deck 2018-01-21T05:10:42+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.25 0
Gay Phone Destroyer Deck Gay 2018-01-21T01:12:47+00:00 Fantasy General SciFi 3.50 0
Make Deckhand Butters 2 Energy Phone Destroyer Deck Make Deckhand Butters 2 Energy 2018-01-21T01:04:29+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 2.92 0
FearlessGren's Orange is the new Green! Phone Destroyer Deck FearlessGren's Orange is the new Green! 2018-01-21T00:02:30+00:00 General Mystical SciFi 3.00 8
#MakeDeckhandButters2Energy Phone Destroyer Deck #MakeDeckhandButters2Energy 2018-01-20T22:35:29+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.00 6
MakeDeckhandButtersTwoEnergy Phone Destroyer Deck MakeDeckhandButtersTwoEnergy 2018-01-20T22:23:15+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.00 0
#MakeDeckhandButters2 Phone Destroyer Deck #MakeDeckhandButters2 2018-01-20T22:02:09+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.00 1
OAMP Phone Destroyer Deck OAMP 2018-01-20T21:15:56+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.00 0
#MakeDeckhandButtersa2Cost Phone Destroyer Deck #MakeDeckhandButtersa2Cost 2018-01-20T21:08:55+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 3.08 6
Control Summoner Phone Destroyer Deck Control Summoner 2018-01-20T19:00:52+00:00 Fantasy General Mystical 3.25 5
Adv/Sci-fi freeze rush Phone Destroyer Deck Adv/Sci-fi freeze rush 2018-01-20T14:57:29+00:00 Adventure General SciFi 2.92 6
Yvraine Fantasy/SciFi Phone Destroyer Deck Yvraine Fantasy/SciFi 2018-01-20T12:15:05+00:00 Fantasy General SciFi 3.00 5
rank40 Phone Destroyer Deck rank40 2018-01-20T02:43:00+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General 3.08 0
FeatlessGrens "Stable MBP Advent/Mystic L rank deck Phone Destroyer Deck FeatlessGrens "Stable MBP Advent/Mystic L rank deck 2018-01-20T00:44:47+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 3.00 1
NK Avrg 3 energy Phone Destroyer Deck NK Avrg 3 energy 2018-01-20T00:28:05+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 3.08 6
Mystic/Fantsy Deck Phone Destroyer Deck Mystic/Fantsy Deck 2018-01-19T17:16:12+00:00 Fantasy General Mystical 3.08 5
Test Phone Destroyer Deck Test 2018-01-19T15:46:31+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General Mystical SciFi 3.42 0
ChewyBanana strong deck Phone Destroyer Deck ChewyBanana strong deck 2018-01-19T13:41:47+00:00 Adventure General Mystical SciFi 3.50 6
Mystic robo pizza Phone Destroyer Deck Mystic robo pizza 2018-01-19T12:20:17+00:00 General Mystical SciFi 4.00 0
slow paced zen and ninjew deck Phone Destroyer Deck slow paced zen and ninjew deck 2018-01-19T11:28:06+00:00 General Mystical SciFi 2.92 0
YAAMD (Adventure/Mystic) Phone Destroyer Deck YAAMD (Adventure/Mystic) 2018-01-19T05:30:42+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 2.83 40
FearlessGren 2.0 Fant/Advent Phone Destroyer Deck FearlessGren 2.0 Fant/Advent 2018-01-19T01:28:34+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General 2.92 6
Awesome Phone Destroyer Deck Awesome 2018-01-18T23:53:17+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General Mystical SciFi 4.33 0
Fighib Phone Destroyer Deck Fighib 2018-01-18T23:08:19+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General Mystical SciFi 3.58 5
Adventure/ Fantasy Deck Phone Destroyer Deck Adventure/ Fantasy Deck 2018-01-18T17:21:54+00:00 Adventure Fantasy General 3.17 6
Mystic/Adventure Phone Destroyer Deck Mystic/Adventure 2018-01-18T16:51:51+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 3.17 6
Колода для защиты и добивания(примерный счёт должен где то 1:0, 2:1 Phone Destroyer Deck Колода для защиты и добивания(примерный счёт должен где то 1:0, 2:1 2018-01-18T16:41:03+00:00 Fantasy General SciFi 3.67 1
Typical manbearpig deck Phone Destroyer Deck Typical manbearpig deck 2018-01-18T13:09:53+00:00 Adventure General Mystical 3.67 5

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Introduction Hey, I'm back with another guide, this time about PVP. Following these tips and occasionally using my brain has got me to legendary rank as a f2p player and I know it can do the same thing for you. Right now there isn’t any perfect „x of that, y of that“ recipe for deckbuilding out th

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phone-destroyer-beginners-guide phone-destroyer Phone Destroyer Beginners Guide (F2P friendly guide) 2017-11-21 | 1140 words

Introduction Hey New kid, With the game being finally released worldwide there'll be a great influx of new faces in the game so I wanted to put out a guide to help people (especially F2p) find the right way into the game. I myself reached legendary rank (51+) with 0€ spent on the game and  wh

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Hello everyone! If this is your first time reading, be aware that we are a group of data miners from Eastern Europe, scheming to take over the world with the joined power of Adidas track suits and cheap beer brands like beer called "Beer". We are also currently data mining South Park: P

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South Park: Phone Destroyer (SPPD) is a newly released, free to play, card game set in the South Park universe. It features more than 200 collectible cards, with more than a half of those being unreleased at the moment. Critical's SPPD coverage is focused on a few things:

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