Temtem is a Pokémon-style multiplayer game developed by Humble Bundle. Temtem is coming to early access on January 21, 2020 via Steam and Humble Store. Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure game inspired by Pokémon, developed by Crema games, a game development company hailing from Madrid, Spain.

Temtem Kickstarter campaign and development

Temtem started as a Kickstarter project and was successfully funded on July 2, 2018, when it raised $550k raised from over 11k backers. With Kickstarter results alone, Temtem has become the most successful Spanish game in history.

Crema, the developers behind Temtem, announced that they are partnering with Humble on July 19, 2019. Since then, Temtem is to be published by Humble, the creators of the successful Humble Bundle project.

On December 5, 2019, Humble Bundle announced that "Temtem will release on PC - Early Access on January 21st!" and shared a new gameplay trailer:

Temtem Gameplay Trailer

Temtem will be available on Playstation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Temtem Features

Temtem is a massively multiplayer experience that builds on top of the same core gameplay mechanics like Pokémon, but adds some unique elements in the mix:

  • Temtems are collectible creatures that have up to two elemental types, they can evolve and breed. There around ~140 different Temtems at present, and each looks fairly unique. More Temtems will be released through future content updates.
  • Battles are very Pokémon-esque and feature turn based combat, different damage multipliers, status effects, abilities, etc.
  • Battles are focused on 2v2 (although there will be some 2v1 battles against untamed Temtem or 1v1 battles with other players) and Crema is committed to keeping random factors out of battles.
  • A fully fleshed out type advantages / disadvantages system is powered by 12 elemental types.
  • Temtem features a fully fleshed-out story campaign. spread across six airborne islands. Your goal is to embark on the adventure of becoming a Temtem tamer while fighting against the evil Clan Belsoto.
  • Temtem is an MMO, which means a fully online world and no offline support
  • Co-Op gameplay is a key element in Temtem and you should be able to join forces with a friend any time and work together towards your next goal.
  • Usual MMO tropes are present as well, with Advanced character customization and Player Housing being a thing.

Temtem types

We have an in-depth guide to Temtem types here:

Temtem Type Guide and Type Chart
Temtem type guide and type chart explained. Learn everything about how each Type performs in the game.

In Temtem, elemental types are attached to Temtems and their moves ("techniques"). Each Temtem can have up to two types, while moves are always single typed.

There are 12 elemental types in Temtem:

  • Neutral Type
  • Fire Type
  • Nature Type
  • Water Type
  • Electric Type
  • Mental Type
  • Earth Type
  • Wind Type
  • Crystal Type
  • Digital Type
  • Melee Type
  • Toxic Type

You can see how each type interacts with another in this table:

Temtem Type System

Temtem type chart dictates how much damage a defending Temtem gets from a used move. There are five different levels of "effectiveness" when one Temtem attacks another:

  • Double very effective hits do x4 damage
  • Very effective hits do x2 damage
  • Neutral hits do x1 damage
  • Ineffective hits do x0.5 damage
  • Double ineffective hits do x0.25 damage

As each Temtem can have up to two types, your attacks can be "double very effective" only if you're very effective to both types. Same goes for ineffective.

Temtem Airborne Archipelago

Temtem's storyline takes place on 6 islands that make up the Airborne Archipelago.

Temtem Airborne Archipelago
  • Deniz is a Mediterranean paradise of glittering seas where Water and Wind Temtem abound. Walk the streets of Turquesa, explore the ruins of an ancient fort or just chill on the shores of Indigo Lake.
  • Arbury’s pride is its University. The fierce dons of Lochburg swear by their Melee Temtem, against the sophisticated Properton academics, who favour Mind Temtem.
  • Omninesia (”the Myrisles”) is a cluster of tropical islets connected by rope bridges, home of Nature and Fire Temtem. Enjoy the luxury of Atoll Row and investigate the lava caves of the Anak volcano.
  • Cipanku dabbles in mysticism and well as technology. The labs of Nanto produce Digital Temtem, while the monks revere the Electric Temtem in remote hills among rice paddies.
  • Tucma, “The End of All Things” – a vast desolation of ashes, noxious lakes and Toxic Temtem. Under the surface, the mining city of Quetzal is home to artisans, rock-hoppers and Crystal Temtem.
  • Kisiwa is a sun-drenched savanna. Eastern Kisiwa boasts an unrivalled variety of Neutral Temtem, while the western deserts are home to the best Earth Temtem.

Early Reception

According to players with alpha access, Temtem is fleshing out to become a great monster collector game, regardless of frequent comparisons with the Pokémon franchise.

The combat system features a priority system that is more complex than Speed, and the turn based mechanics play well with 2x2 combat scenarios. The overarching impression about Temtem battles is that it takes a while to pick up the mechanics. The game plays like a typical Pokémon game, with a graphical style reminiscent of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Character customization is insane, with dozens of configurable styles, outfits and colors to pick from. There are more serious MMOs that have worse customization options than Temtem.

It is unclear when PvP ranks and PvP progress will be implemented, but Temtem's no randomness approach is a solid foundation for those types of features.